Google Alerts

Are you using Google Alerts?
Google Alerts are pretty cool.
Just go to and type in the name of a person, product, company or news item that you want to keep updated on and you will be emailed when Google finds new results for the topic such as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs.
What to use Google Alerts for:
  • find out what is being said about a company or product
  • monitor a developing news story
  • keep up to date on a competitor or industry
  • get the latest news on a celebrity or sports team
  • find out what’s being said about yourself
For general queries like [ real estate ], you can get a summary of the new results every day. For specific topics, like [ Prudential Select Properties ], you might not get an email every day, but you’ll find out when something new and relevant is indexed by Google.
Prudential Select Properties’ appearing in Google Alerts
Helpdesk has received several questions lately about Google Alerts results that I’d like to address.
Our website system is built so that EVERY LISTING IN THE MLS is indexible (the means it can be found by google) on your website. 
We can’t control when or how Google indexes the web, so Google may pickup a listing from your website that is not even your listing. (see sample Google Alerts email below)
If that happens to you, no worries, in fact, good for you! That just means you’re getting more exposure on the web.  

From: Google Alerts <>
Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2014 11:00 AM
To: Rice, Jana
Subject: Google Alert – Prudential Select Properties

Prudential Select Properties

Daily update ⋅ May 18, 2014
13222 Delft Drive St Louis, MO 63146 – Prudential Select Properties – Gretchen Adams
Handsome ranch located in the Parkway Central School District. The hardwood floors have recently been refinished, new laminate hardwood flooring …
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4400 Highway 109 Eureka, MO 63025 – Prudential Select Properties – Lucinda Seymour Team
On 3 very secluded acres just minutes to schools and shopping, this 3 Bedroom house 2 bath house boasts a huge 2 car oversize & a converted 2 car …
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How To Find Out What Browser You Are Using

What is my browser and browser version you ask? … 

Sometimes you may come across an issue online and go to your techie friend or tech support person and say, “such-and-such is not working.”

The first question tech support will generally ask back is, “what browser and version of your browser are you using?”

There is a simple way to figure out what browser and what version of your browser that you are using. Go to the website​

Try it now. Pretty cool, eh?!

Don’t forget to check out the helpful information on the rest of that page about what browsers are and how they work.

what browser

what browser

Find Anything on a Webpage or Website

Webpages can be long and full of text, photos and ads. And when you are in a hurry, it can be very frustrating to try to find a particular paragraph, sentence or word on a long, busy page.. However there is a simple way to find things on any webpage… Ctrl + F

  • Just press the Control key (Ctrl) and the letter ‘F’ key on your keyboard at the same time and a little search bar should appear at the top right of the page.
  • Type in the word or sentence you are looking for
  • All of the words or sentences on the page that match your search will become highlighted (usually in yellow or orange) so that you can easily find what you are looking for. Most browsers will even move you down the page to the first highlighted item.

NOTE: Mac users can do this by using Command + F

For example: here is a screenshot of the big Downloads page on the Prudential Select Properties Resource Center. I have clicked Ctrl + F and typed in ‘logo’ so that I could find the new logos.

find anything on a website

find anything on a website

Try it out now!

Best and Worst Times to Post to Social Media

If you really want folks to see what you are sharing on social media, timing is key. See our below chart of the best times to post to social media and the times to avoid that have the worst exposure.

Best time to post to social media

Best Times to post to social media 2014

Mobile Site Shortcut Vs. App Store App

So you want to get your website into the app store?
Sad news… Apple no longer accepts applications that are just wrappers for websites on the App Store.
Instead you can create a shortcut to the app on your phone so that you can get to the website on your phone in just one click.

Instead of recreating the directions that are already out there on the internet I’m providing them to you via links below. Just click on the link and follow the directions.
Website Shortcut on iphone
Create a Shortcut to a Website on Android:

Create a Shortcut to a Website on iphone:

Good idea for REALTORs: Send an email to your friends and clients kind of like the following:“Is there a website you frequent that you’d like to get to on your smartphone with just one touch? It’s easy! Just click the link for your phone type below and follow the simple instructions to create a website shortcut on your phone. Try it out with !” Then provide the two links above.

How to Build an App and Submit to App Store:
But I REALLY want my website in the app store, you say?
To get an app in the Apple App Store:
1. You have to become an official app developer by setting up an iTunes Connect account ($99/year) and then filling out all the information necessary for the app – icons, descriptions, pricing, etc.
2. Then you need to build the app.
This website gives 10 platform options for building an app:
3. Finally, submit the app to the app store (and hope they approve it):–mobile-16812


Office 365 SkyDrive Cheat Sheet

In addition to email, calendar and contact management, Office 365 offers file storage via SkyDrive so that you can have your files with you on any computer or device with Internet access.
Below is a cheat sheet for where to click to perform different functions in SkyDrive Pro.
For Prudential Select Properties agents to get to the screen pictured below, login to Office 365 by going to the website, logging in, then clicking SkyDrive from the blue bar at top of the screen.

Office 365 SkyDrive Cheat SheetNow get out there and start playing with this great technology that is sure to be around (in many updated versions) for years to come.
You’re not going to break it and you can email if you have any questions.

More descriptive details on the SkyDrive product HERE. Note: PSP offers you SkyDrive Pro! So be sure to pay attention to information regarding SkyDrive Pro (versus the regular consumer version) when learning about SkyDrive.

Questions? Email

Turn on Out-Of-Office (Automatic) Replies for Outlook 365

With the Christmas Holiday approaching I thought it the perfect time to give instructions for how to turn on the out-of-office reply on Outlook 365.

Turn on Automatic Replies on your PSP Email:
1. Log into your PSP email by going to
2. Once logged in click Outlook at top in blue bar

3. Now click the function icon that looks like a gear at upper right and click Set Automatic Replies from the drop down options

Set automatic replies Outlook 3654. On the next screen click Send Automatic Replies radial button, then type in your reply in the message section
5. Be sure to Save when complete

send Automatic replies O365Note: This is the same place you’ll come back to if you want to change the reply message or turn off the automatic reply
Questions? Email